Born on the north shores of Boston, the ocean has been a part of his life since day one. Whether it's surfing, sailing, foiling or fishing, there's rarely a day that goes by when Willis doesn't find himself in or on the water. The seasonality presents some adverse conditions during the colder months of the year but that's part of the game in New England. Using the Rackham and Rover to navigate local waters for fishing holes, rocky surf spots or just exhausting adventures, BOTE is the perfect companion year round. As a passionate skier and waterman, traveling between ocean and mountains is key so having inflatable gear that withstands the abuse becomes paramount. As experience in both environments continue, so does the commitment to sustainability and conservation. An active member of nonprofits whose mission is to combat climate change and educate more people by bringing them into the outdoors, Willis uses his own experiences and knowledge gained from adventure to help create a brighter, healthier future for our planet.