Bote House Belize


The best-laid plans are usually started by sketching on a napkin. When Jeff Spiegel and Corey Cooper sat down on a balmy Belizean night to discuss world peace, this was what they came up with ... the BOTE House Belize. Now, the double occupancy cabana won't solve the issue of world peace, but it is certainly a place where peace can be found. Bonefish, permit and tarpon too!

Located at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly, on the north end of Ambergris Caye in Belize, the BOTE House Belize was designed to allow anyone to come experience this unique environment and atmosphere. As well, the incredible fishing opportunities and culinary magic of Chef Spiegel. The construction of the BOTE House "was simple but not easy." All materials had to be ferried from San Pedro roughly 12 miles by boat. The furniture was hand built in San Pedro utilizing locally sourced raw materials and also delivered by boat.

The BOTE House Belize will be available for anyone to utilize. As a brand, BOTE feels that this place and the experiences and unique adventures you can find here are what it's all about. It's why we do what we do and provide the type of products we do. "We are not a board, a t-shirt, a hat ... we are BOTE."

For information on booking your time at the BOTE House Belize, please contact Jeff Spiegel at