Born and raised on the East Coast of South Africa, I grew up fishing for anything that swam, fresh and saltwater. On finishing high school I shipped out to the Cayman Islands for 5 years of the "University of Life" as a Boat Captain and Stingray Wrangler… all my spare time was spent chasing fish in the backcountry mangroves and flats. My love affair with small paddle craft started here, using an old beat up poly canoe to SUP my way round the mangrove channels chasing Tarpon and Snook.

I've been back in Cape Town South Africa for over 15 years now. My real job is that of a Stills and Commercials producer, mainly in the high fashion world surprisingly, but its a means to an end to fund my fishing life. SUP fishing is relatively new and underground here in South Africa, mainly due to our challenging waters, but I love putting my AeroBOTE onto unfished and unchartered waters to chase whatever swims.